Kilfinane Calling! HearSay here we come!

Salon du Chat at HearSay in 2014

Salon du Chat at HearSay in 2014

Taste the spicy new Salon du Chat menu from 11am – 1pm this Sunday at the HearSay Festival in Kilfinane.

The phenomenal HearSay Audio Festival is in its second year and Salon du Chat is delighted to be back with a brand new menu of tasty topics.

Expect to choose from some fun starters, very satisfying mains and delicious desserts!

Starters include ‘Vocal Fry’, ‘Eliminating the Ear Worm’ and ‘Sound eScapes’.

We have a great selection of Mains including ‘Defining the ‘free’ in Freelance’, ‘An eye for an eye, is this making Paris blind?’ and ‘Harmonic Human Relations’.

In the desserts we have some tempting topics such as ‘The Precious Present(ers)’, ‘Music That Moves’ and ‘Chinese Whispers’.

The Salon du Chat doors open on Sunday at 11am and last orders are at 12:30pm. You can find us at the Ballyhoura Artisan Food Park in Kilfinane.

A big shout out to our sponsors Ballyhoura Apple Farm who are providing us with the space to talk plus complimentary coffee and teas. And our design and media sponsor Piquant Media

See you on Sunday!

You can find Salon du Chat at Ballyhoura Artisan Food Park


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