Salon du Chat has packed up after another wonderful Electric Picnic. Thanks to all of you who came and sampled our menu and took the chance to talk to strangers. Thanks to those of you who remembered us from last year and came back! And thanks to those of you who weren’t too sure but took a chance anyway and stayed and talked, and listened and enjoyed.

Salon dy Chat at Electric Picnic 2015

Salon dy Chat at Electric Picnic 2015

I know the extensive menu caused the usual issues of trying to decide what to choose. However you all managed to make decisions in the end and the most popular starters were ‘Generation Like’ and ‘The Best I Ever Had’. For mains a lot of tables chose ‘Top Trumps’ and ‘Fortress Europe: Cause or Consequence of Migrant Crisis’, and for desserts the most popular were ‘Me, My Selfie and I’ and ‘Sticky Dates’.

On the Whine List this year was ‘End the Line for Kenny?’ and ‘#refugeeswelcome’. We had a kids menu too with ‘What if all the Adults Disappeared?’ and ‘If I could be Invisible’, although a lot of the children also wanted to talk about ‘Death by Chocolate’ from the adult menu. They didn’t talk about the scourge of sugar or obesity issues, instead they imagined all the possible ways you could meet your death by massive chocolate rivers…

Thanks so much to Mindfield for having us back again this year. The whole Mindfield programme was brilliant and we enjoyed a lot of theatre, politics and discussions on food and humanity. Salon du Chat was very happy to be part of the epic event that is Mindfield at Electric Picnic.

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