Is it more rewarding to go to Salon du Chat on your own or with your friends? Which would your prefer? To strike up a conversation with a stranger or to find out what your friends and lovers really think about Trump, Abortion, Online Dating, Sex, Avocados and more? Are you ready for the truth? Do […]

Salon du Chat is back at Mindfield for Electric Picnic 2016 and yes we’re EXCITED! You can expect an amazing menu, stimulating conversations, hot tea and the best rice krispie buns in all of Stradbally. Find us in a tent at Mindfield on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Keep checking back here for exact […]

Salon du Chat is delighted and honoured to be part of the massive Limerick2020 Street Party taking place on the 12th July. You will find us and our spanking new menus at the Culture and Chips event on The Crescent, O’Connell Avenue from 12:30pm to 7:00pm. Yes we know that is a LOT of talking […]

‘If We Ignore Him Will He Just Go Away?’, ‘Click Bait: Journalism In Crisis’ and ‘Coalition of the Unwilling’ were just some of the popular topics selected at last night’s Salon in Ormston House for Limerick Spring. And from the Whine List the refreshing ‘Pick Your Shit Up’, with just enough bite to stimulate most […]

The Salon menus have arrived and they are full of delicious conversations. Come satisfy your conversational desires tonight from 8pm to 10pm in Ormston House, Patrick Street, Limerick! See you there! Thanks again to our sponsors Limerick2020, Piquant Media and Limerick Clare Education Training Board.

Salon du Chat at Limerick Spring

Last night we plugged some mighty brains into the Salon du Chat brainstorming machine and the results are proving to be epic! It was an evening of copious amounts of tea drinking, plenty of cake and cookie eating and MUCH discussion and debate and yes a bit of gossip and innuendo… The result? The new menu […]

Delighted to announce that Salon du Chat has been programmed by the Limerick Spring Festival 2016. At 8pm on Thursday 21st April in Ormston House, Patrick Street, Limerick Salon du Chat will launch a brand new conversation menu of topical themes. Expect an eclectic mix of the cultural, the political, the poetic, the musical, the […]