L66C8500Are you bringing your kids to Electric Picnic? The Salon du Chat kids menu is guaranteed to get your kids talking. Find out what they really think. Get their honest opinions. Sit back and listen as they speak their minds. Plus extra rice krispie buns for tables with children!

At Salon du Chat we encourage children to chat with their parents or to join a kids only table. The menu is devised by the junior chefs on the Salon team, with some help in the spelling department from our more seasoned conversation cooks.

If you fancy a good strong conversation over a cuppa and some rice krispie buns with the small people in your life then make your way to Salon du Chat in the Mindfield arena. Find us on Friday afternoon or Saturday / Sunday morning (exact times TBC).

Follow us on @SalonduChat on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date or to share your ideas for menu topics.

Dancing Robot Salon du Chat

Dancing Robot Salon du Chat

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