Website Header SDChat EP 2018There may be rain, there may be blackberries, there may be children in uniforms, BUT Summer is not officially over until we’ve had a hooley in Laois. Salon du Chat is very excited to be programmed at the ever wonderful Electric Picnic Mindfield Stage this Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning.

We have a lot to talk about and the hardest part of preparing this menu has been what to leave out. Some of the topics that survived the cull are:

When Living Legends Let You Down

The Rise And Rise Of Populism

Housing Rights? Yeah Right!

Party Partners


We’ll have tea and coffee to wash the conversation down and rice krispie buns to sweeten even the bitterest discussions. So if you’re making the annual pilgrimage to Laois join Salon du Chat for conversations that analyse our past, contemplate our present and predict our futures.


Find Salon du Chat at the Mindfield Arena

FRIDAY: 2pm – 5:30pm

SATURDAY: 11am – 12:30pm

SUNDAY: 11am – 12:30pm

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