Big thanks to Mindfield for having Salon Du Chat back for Electric Picnic again this year. And very big thanks to all of you who joined in and shared your opinions and ideas. Thanks to you who came seeking us out and thanks to those of you who didn’t really know what was going on but were lured in by free tea and rice krispie buns, and extra big thanks to the teenage lads who even after 20 minutes were still confused and wondered when they’d get their ‘real food’. We love you all! Follow @SalonDuChat on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all future Salons.



The most popular choices at the Picnic this year were: ‘Muscles From Brussels’, ‘Post Carbon Communities’, ‘Click Bait: Journalism in Crisis’, ‘The State Of Us’,  ‘A Good Year For The Roses’ and ‘Game of Boners’. Here’s the full menu. Comment below or contact us on Facebook and Twitter if there’s anything you think should be added to next year’s menu!

Super Vegan
It’s Far From Avocados You Were Reared
1916 Fatigues
Muscles from Brussels
Colour Blind
Post Carbon Communities

Cold Turkey
Click Bait: Journalism In Crisis
Best Little Country To Do (Funny) Business In
John Delaney: Enemy Of The State
Exodus: A World On The Move
Rosaries Vs Ovaries
Níl Aon Cogadh Mar Do Chogadh Féin
The State Of Us
Dis-United Kingdom
Céad Míle Fáilte, Except You…
Patronising Our Schools

Tapas Selection
Trump Tartlets, Clinton Crackers, Sanders Sambos

Death By Chocolate
A Good Year For The Roses
Tinder Loins
To Hell Or To Dublin
Game Of Boners
Snappy Chatterers
R.I.P. Legends
Middle Sex


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