Is it more rewarding to go to Salon du Chat on your own or with your friends?

Which would your prefer? To strike up a conversation with a stranger or to find out what your friends and lovers really think about Trump, Abortion, Online Dating, Sex, Avocados and more? Are you ready for the truth? Do you really, really want to know?

This year’s Electric Picnic menu is high in fat, high in carbohydrates, high in sugar, and guaranteed to satisfy your inner cravings.

Find us on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning at Mindfield. We’ll have hot beverages and rice krispie buns to sustain the physcial body while simultaneously delighting the intellect with our striking new menus.

See you there!

FRIDAY: 2pm – 5:50pm

SATURDAY: 11am – 12:50pm

SUNDAY: 11am – 12:50pm




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