I’ve eaten blackberry crumble, the jacket is on in the mornings, and I’ve taken my son to the barber for a back to school haircut. That’s it it’s Autumn. Time to start thinking about Electric Picnic.

Yeahhhhhhh the last party of the summer! Where people do a final dance, before straightening themselves up and heading back into the weekly routine. And Salon du Chat is delighted to be part of this annual pilgrimage to Stradbally, Co Laois.

If you haven’t been to Electric Picnic yet then go this year. I know I know all the tickets are sold out. BUT you could just hang out by the gates and see if someone is willing to part with a ticket. And check out Twitter and Facebook for ticket competitions.

You’ll find Salon du Chat at Mindfield. The spoken word arena where the programme inculdes literary readings, political debate, performance poetry, science experiments, inspiring talks, news quizzes, and of course Salon du Chat.



Here’s the Salon du Chat running times. And remember each chat comes with a warm cup of tea, a chocolatey rice krispie bun and a gentle smile from the Salonistas (make that more of a grimace on Sunday morning…).



SUNDAY 11AM – 12:15PM

See you there!



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