The Salonistas at Culture and Chips

The Salonistas at Culture and Chips

With two wonderfully chatty Salon du Chats neatly tucked away into the first half of 2014, Salon du Chat will now take a break for the summer. We’ll be back with a bang at Electric Picnic, in Stradbally Co. Laois on the 30th and 31st August. We’ll have just about recovered from the madness of Electric Picnic when we’ll be rolling out a new menu as part of the Elemental Arts Festival here in Limerick City on Friday 12th September.

In case you’ve feeling hungry for conversation over the next few light filled summer weeks here is the menu in full from Culture and Chips. Talk, Talk and Be Merry!

Trump Tartlets
Raw Food Fanatics
Let it Beard
Let’s Break Bread
Netflixing on Demand
The Mussels from Brussels
Grow Your Own
Head to Tail
Political Leftovers
Beer-Battered Youth
Privatising Water
Poached Ideals and Puréed Principles
The Right to be Forgotten
Fresh Hand-Cut Services
SKY: Game Keeper or Poacher?
Don’t Read the Label
Garda Goulash
Sticky Dates
The Secret Ingredient is…
Live Cultures
Unconscious Coupling
Late Night Chipper Tales
Fantasy Dinner Party Guests
This Sweet Sickness

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