20160421_214259‘If We Ignore Him Will He Just Go Away?’, ‘Click Bait: Journalism In Crisis’ and ‘Coalition of the Unwilling’ were just some of the popular topics selected at last night’s Salon in Ormston House for Limerick Spring. And from the Whine List the refreshing ‘Pick Your Shit Up’, with just enough bite to stimulate most palettes, was a very popular accompaniment to many mains.

Thank you to everyone who came to Salon du Chat and brought your keen listening ears, sharp wit and genuine enthusiasm – without you a Salon is nothing!

Enjoy the rest of Limerick Spring! Tonight’s ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Spotofied’ is destined to be magnificent and of course ‘The Big Debate’ with Tara Flynn will get the minds racing. To find out more and to buy tickets click the link Limerick Spring Link See you there!


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