The Limerick Spring Post Date3Last night we plugged some mighty brains into the Salon du Chat brainstorming machine and the results are proving to be epic! It was an evening of copious amounts of tea drinking, plenty of cake and cookie eating and MUCH discussion and debate and yes a bit of gossip and innuendo…


The result? The new menu created specifically for Salon du Chat at Limerick Spring is guaranteed to sizzle the tastebuds and maybe even fizzle some tempers!!!!

Interested? Tempted? Then put Thursday 21st April into your diary! We will be in Ormston House, Patrick Street Limerick from 8pm – 10pm. Pop in anytime before 9:30 to get your fix of fascinating conversation and of course some complimentary caffeine (tea and coffee) and sugar (rice krispie buns).

Salon du Chat at Limerick Spring, THURS 21st April, 8pm – 10pm, Ormston House, Limerick

Big thanks to our sponsors:

Piquant Media for designing the menu and posters

Limerick2020 for sponsoring the printing of the menus

LCETB for sponsoring the teas and coffees

To see the full and fantastic programme for Limerick Spring 2016 visit Limerick Spring website



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