If by some miracle I manage to be completely organised and coherent at Electric Picnic this year here’s what I’d like to get to.

Ham Sandwich – they’ll be on in Other Voices, hope they play this song

Hot Chip – love these guys, hope they will be on in the Electric Arena

Underworld – this is the gig I want to see on the Main Stage

Soak – I’ve never seen her and think the melodies and lyrics are beautiful

The Pale – really want to see these guys, on in Body and Soul

The Rubberbandits – singing comedy so perfect for EP. This is one of their old tracks, so strange, so bizarre, so funny…

Now this is worth staying sober for. It’s on in the Mindfield area as part of the Leviathan. I hope it is on early enough but not so early as to clash with Salon du Chat. Now that as a nation we have made a mature decision on marriage equality we urgently need to sort out the mess that is abortion access in this country. Give women safe options here at home, instead of the cost, hassle and complications of traveling to the UK.

Amnesty: My Body My Rights

Amnesty: My Body My Rights

Amnesty Hour: My Body My Rights

Then if I can also manage to hang out and have a bit of a dance at the Salty Dog, Trailer Park, the new kinda creepy sounding The Magic Mush Room, Rankins Wood and Trench Town I guess there won’t be much sleeping!

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