I HEAR what you SAY

Salon du Chat menu at Hearsay Festival

Salon du Chat menu at Hearsay Festival

Wow what a festival! HearSay Audio festival was truly inspirational. Well done to Diarmuid, Mairead and all the team who created this magical event in the hills of Limerick. The Salon du Chat went really well, and was full of talkers and listeners who shared opinions and respected differences.

It’s always interesting to see what topics get picked and this morning quite a few tables opted for ‘Storyteller: Creator or Conduit’ as a starter, ‘Chronic Creative Fatigue’ was one of the preferred mains. and a popular dessert was ‘Sugar Rush’. I’ll post up the full menu during the week. In the meantime here’s a few photos of sunny Kilfinane and the chatty sound heads of HearSay Audio festival.

Salon du Chat was presented at the HearSay Audio Festival with the support of Limerick City of Culture 2014

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