Electric Picnic 2014, Saturday morning

Electric Picnic 2014, Saturday morning

‘Ice Bucket Media Whores’, ‘What the Frack?’, ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and ‘Online Sharing is Caring’ were the most popular conversations at this year’s Salon du Chat in Electric Picnic.

The talk shop was open and ready for business by 4pm on Friday. The tables were set, the kettle was on and the rice krispie buns were looking delicious. There was a hugely positive response to the menu topics and to this year’s menu design (nice work Piquant). Friday was a gentle start and it was on Saturday that people got stuck into high octane conversations. Saturday’s Salon was packed with people talking and listening. Thank you to everyone who got stuck in and took the plunge to talk talk talk with friends and strangers.Sunday is always a more delicate day but there were a few die-hard talkers to keep the Salonistas busy.

Fairplay to the Electric Picnic and Mindfield Arena organisers. You guys put on a stunning show, and my only complaint was my usual complaint – there was so much going on that I didn’t have a chance to sample everything. But that is a great complaint!

If you missed Salon du Chat but fancy a bit of talk then check us out at the Elemental Festival in Limerick on Friday 12th September. Full details to come on the blog but in the meantime have a look at the Elemental website http://www.elementalfestival.com/




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