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The wonderful broadcaster Louise McMahon from Lyric FM visited me at home last month to interview me about Salon du Chat for Culture for her programme ‘Culture File’. Before she arrived I did a quick sweep up downstairs, picked the kids toys of the floor and put on the kettle. When Louise suggested that the sound would be better upstairs (carpet, unlike wooden floor downstairs) I was a bit anxious as the hurried clean up hadn’t been extended to my bedroom. But Louise promised she didn’t care and made me feel so relaxed as the two of us sat on my bed and talked about Salon du Chat.

A few days after the interview Louise joined us for Salon du Chat at Limerick Spring in Fitto Cafe, and, in her friendly and unobtrusive way really captured the sounds of a Salon. Back in the edit suite Louise clipped my ramblings and cut in some wonderful extracts of conversation, along with succinct explanations and descriptions from Salon waiter David Struder.

The result, a well structured and enjoyable short documentary, aired yesterday on Lyric FM. But in case you missed it here’s a link. Enjoy!

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