Think speed debating, think talk without the chit, think the conversation of life…

Salon du Chat is an arts project with a twist. The audience are welcomed not into a theatre but into a cafe. They take a seat and are given a hot drink and a menu. But instead of ordering food they order conversation. Then for the next 45 minutes or so they chat and talk to their friends or strangers about the topics they have chosen from the menu.

The first Salon du Chat of the Limerick 2014 Series takes place on Thursday 10th April as part of Limerick Spring, a Festival of Politics and Ideas. The Salon du Chat event will run from 8pm – 10pm at Fitto Cafe, Catherine Street.

If you fancy a FREE great night out with complimentary tea or coffee and a nice welcoming glass of prosecco then get yourself to Fitto Cafe on Thursday 10th April.

Who knows, you might actually have the conversation of your life


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