We’ve been cooking up the menu for Salon du Chat at Limerick Spring. Lots of saucy, nutritious and delicious ingredients going in the mix…

Here’s a little taster – ‘JFK | WTF’ – if you’re from Limerick and you’ve been following the bridge naming story you’ll have a few opinions on this, and if not sure everyone likes talking about JFK – right?

‘What the f*** is going on in Crimea?’ – be honest it’s scary as hell! The West doesn’t like what Russia is doing but do we really want them to cut our gas supplies????

And one more ‘What’s on the box (set)?’ – go on what’s your favourite box set? Are you still making your way through The Wire and Breaking Bad or have you moved onto the Scandinavian offerings?

There are more tempting topics. But get yourself to Fitto Cafe in Limerick City on the 10th April (8pm) to find out what they are 🙂

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