Picnic anyone?

Picnic anyone?

Electric Picnic is this weekend and Salon du Chat will be there. So will Bjork, Andrew Stanley, Billy Bragg, Mick Flannery, everyone in the Dublin Gospel Choir and 30,000 other people. For all you who are going we’ve made a special new menu. And if you are going to be at Electric Picnic this weekend then please come and find us. We’ll be at Mindfield from 11am to 1pm on Saturday and 11am and 12pm on Sunday.

We’ve cooked up a cracking new menu. One I like from the Starters is ‘Sitting is the New Smoking’. Apparently the most dangerous thing we are doing to ourselves these days is sitting down, mostly at computers like I am now. It is wonderful really that this is the worst thing when there are so many other terrible things we could be doing (like smoking, excessive drinking, hard drugs…) but it’s also kind of terrible really when you think of all the wonderful things we could be doing (like dancing, climbing mountains, walking fast to get to a gig, swimming, running just for the laugh…)

Then in Mains I like ‘Why are Teenagers so annoying?’. I mean why are they? I know when I was a teenager I was annoying and now that I’ve two small (adorable) boys myself I sometimes look at them and say ‘boy you’ll be a teenager soon…’ and to be honest I despair a bit. I know not everyone feels this way about teenagers but a LOT of people do. But what is it exactly about teenagers that really gets under your skin? And isn’t it great that Electric Picnic is one of the few teenage free zones around?

And now onto desserts; by this stage into a Salon you’ll have had a few cups of tea and several delicious rice krispie buns. You’ll be feeling on safe ground with your previously unknown conversation partners so might be feeling totally up for a chat about ‘Bonk Fest’, although if it was me I’d probably go for ‘Armpit Revolution’. And, depending on the constitution of the others at the table, I’d either have an in depth chat about hair removal (such a time consuming and uncomfortable activity) or else a heart felt discussion on how to ignite a revolution in a country that just wants to have a laugh.

Find us at Electric Picnic – who knows what else you might find.

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